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Returns, wanting to provide the best to the buyer, gives the possibility of a refund in case the customer wishes the return of the product. Product replacement will only be accepted if it is in its original factory condition.

Return Request

The request for return of a product must be made within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt.

The application for replacement is made exclusively through the return form of the online store


Product Change (Product Return and Replacement)

The change of products is done EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY with the cooperating transport companies (courier) that our store has chosen.

Shipping of products must be RECOMMENDED to the store address.

The return cost is NOT borne by the customer but the store.

The customer is ONLY charged the cost for the new shipment which is 3.90 € for packages up to 2Kg. Packages weighing over 2Kg
are charged + 0.6 € for each kilo. For Cyprus, the amount is 5 euros for both the return and the new shipment.

Note: If the return of the products is done with a non-cooperating transport company, it will not be accepted. The costs that will arise will
are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Order Cancellation (Refund)

The shipment for the return of the products is done in 2 ways

1) With a transport company of the customer's choice. Shipping costs are borne EXCLUSIVELY by the customer. THE
Shipping of products must be RECOMMENDED to the store address.

2) With the cooperating transport company (General Post Office) that has chosen our store. The shipment is made at the recipient's expense and the shipping cost for the shipment of the returned products is offset in the refund. Shipping of products must be RECOMMENDED to the store address.

The refund is as follows: The entire amount of the order is refunded minus the shipping and cash on delivery costs (if the order has been made by cash on delivery). Shipping costs for return are borne by our online store.

In any other case the shipment will NOT be accepted by our store

The refund will be made within seven (7) working days from the receipt of the product by our company.

The procedure requires a Bank Account Number and IBAN.